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07/30/13 12:05 PM #58    


Lewis Carter

Wow, What a class reunion.  Just over a week gone by and I wish it was still going on.  It was great to see all of my classmates.  Bill and the class reunion committee did an outstanding job.  They deserve a standing ovation.  Please, if there's anything I can do, let me know.


08/12/13 02:51 PM #59    


Sherry Lyford (Garcia)

Thanks for all the great pictures from the reunion. It certainly looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Sorry I couldn't make the cross-country trip. It's been awhile, and hopefully won't be TOO much longer- maybe in 5 years!
Thanks for this website as well- nice to able to keep up, even from afar.

08/20/13 10:36 AM #60    


Susan Stowell (Bowmer)



Info on missing classmate Stuart Pease:

His father  was Robert Balfour Pease Jr. who worked for Reynolds Metals. His grandfather was Robert Balfour Pease Sr. who owned a florist shop in Richmond.

The family moved to Savannah, GA in 1967. Stuart became an emancipated minor and had his own apartment in Richmond so he could stay and graduate with us.

Stuart went to Georgia Tech.

Stuart's brother Robert Balfour Pease III went to University of Georgia and married my sister Patti Stowell in the summer of 1970. They divorced one year later.

Hope this helps you find him before the next reunion. The 45th was great! Many thanks to everybody who worked on it!

Love ya,

Susan Stowell Bowmer

11/26/13 11:18 AM #61    


Lewis Carter

I wish the class of  '68 to have a great Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12/02/13 01:06 PM #62    


Wade Johnson

To: All

Re: missing classmates

Through the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, I have found a way to search the entire alumni directory and successfully found a listing for Betty Hetzer.  I used this web site to contact her via email. She is, or was, a teacher in the Fulton County School system in Alpharetta, Ga. as of 2010.

If any of the other missing classmates attended Tech, let me know and I'll run a search.


12/03/13 09:29 AM #63    


Ron Singleton

Thanks Wade.  That's a great way to track down lost alumni.  Ron

01/13/14 01:33 PM #64    

Corky Oliver

Had a chance to come to Richmond with family to visit some friends, do a little business and go to the Mosque ( Landmark Theatre ) for a show.

Was able to sneak down stairs into the ball room and look around without arousing to much interest by security. It doesn't look any different than I remember it during the 60's. I finally got stopped by a gentlemen and we talked for a while and he said he had been at the Mosque since forever. He talked about Doug Clark and the Hotnuts, The Rhondells, Chairman of Board, and a bunch of others he had seen while working there.

Memories, Memories, nothing like a dance at the Mosque unless it was a dance at Tantilla on Broad Street.

If you get a minute to stop by, do so. Its worth the time and who knows what you might remember.

01/14/14 12:42 PM #65    


Lewis Carter

You are oh so right.  Those were the days.  Oh how I wish they could return. The only way they can return is by memories and us telling our stories of yore.

06/27/14 09:55 AM #66    


Ron Singleton


Many thanks for posting pictures from this week's tour of Huguenot before the demolition.  The pictures bring back lots of memories of academic and PE classes, etc.  Sorry to see it go, but the old building has served its purpose. 



06/27/14 01:06 PM #67    

Brenda Sledd (Arthur)


I appreciate you posting the pictures of the tour of HHS.  I'm glad so many classmates were able to be there.  It added a lot to the pictures.  So many memories!!!  Hate to see it go, but after all, it is 50 years old now!  Thanks again.


06/28/14 11:51 AM #68    

George Edmonson

Wade - 

  Great photos. Thanks for posting.


06/29/14 12:03 PM #69    


Vern Buchanan


The pics of HHS are wonderful . They probly will make it to National Geographic . ( Because of the living proof that dianasaurs still roam the earth) .Again 

I drove by HHS Sat morning while I was in Richmond . Is the new building between Thompson & HHS a New HHS ?

Best Vern 

06/30/14 10:05 AM #70    


Wade Johnson


Yes, that's my understanding. 

To all:

Thx for the thx.  Glad to do it.


06/30/14 12:22 PM #71    

Gail Yates (Homan)

Thanks for posting these pictures. What a walk down memory lane! I'm in California and can't get there to see Huguenot HS in person. No one in my family lives in Virginia anymore, so its doubtful I will ever return. Thanks so much.


Gail Yates Homan

06/30/14 11:09 PM #72    


Wade Johnson

My pleasure. 


06/30/14 11:51 PM #73    


Britt Mayo


I really appreciate the time you spent to take and post the "last pictures of HHS."  Even though I have moved far away and haven't had a chance to be back in Virginia since 1971, the memories of those years and our fabulous class are never far away.  What a special group and time. 


12/24/14 11:42 AM #74    


Lewis Carter

Wishing all the class of '68 a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

04/08/15 01:14 PM #75    


Lenette Smith (Howard)

Bill Packard, our art teacher back in the day, has passed on. But I met his son, named oddly enough, Bill Packard, while getting a massage at the Midlothian YMCA. He also works out of the Midlothian Athletic Center and at Bardos Message and Wellness in the west end. He is a fantastic therapist and has helped me and my husband with a lot of chronic problems that are either a lot better, or no longer exist. You can contact him by email as well -

12/16/15 01:47 PM #76    


Ron Singleton

Many thanks to Wayne Coleman for the info on filing with Social Security, and waiting until 70.  I turn 66 next summer and had planned to file and suspend, but Congress recently messed up those plans.  The file and restrict looks like a good option.  I've been following the discussion in the WSJ, so the recommendations make sense.  Thanks again for sharing.  Ron

12/25/15 09:36 AM #77    


Lewis Carter

Wishing class of 1968 a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12/26/15 12:25 PM #78    


David Hudson

Lewis, hope that your Christmas was great and that you and yours have a great holiday season.  Enjoy this wonderful season and let it work its magic.



04/12/16 11:11 AM #79    


Ron Singleton

Hope everyone had a chance to read the terrific story on classmate Bruce Miller, '68 that appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday, April 10, 2016.  (See below).  Way to go Bruce!   You've had an incredible impact on thousands and thousands of young people through the years, and have added significantly to the quality of life in the Richmond area and the entire State of Virginia.  We're proud of your many successes and to have you as a member of the HHS Class of '68.  Well done!  Ron


04/12/16 12:41 PM #80    


Kathryn Braswell (Hochman)

What a wonderful story!  I grew up with Bruce at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church and at Huguenot. It was great to see him at the 2013 reunion. Thanks for posting this article.

04/13/16 05:09 PM #81    


Susan Stowell (Bowmer)

Way to go Bruce! Who would have thought being in the chorus of Paint Your Wagon at HHS would lead to a lifelong career? Mrs. Womach would have been so proud! Just like the rest of us are! Congrats!

Thanks Ron for passing along the story.

04/14/16 08:01 AM #82    


Lana Duren (McSwain)

Loved reading this lovely tribute to Bruce.  Thanks for sharing!

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