Fran Hines Hines

Profile Updated: March 22, 2022
Residing In: Richmond, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ken Hines
Occupation: Retired RN and Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Children: Geoffrey 45 married to Ali (one daughter 13 , and a son,11, Zion. Geoffrey was quite a chef in the More…Richmond area for many years.Changed vocations and now works for a financial company. His family moved to Maui last June.
Caitlin 41 married to Josh Helton. She graduated in social work(followed after her mom), and works at Sheltering arms. They live in Midlothian
Keegan 35 married to Caitlin Marie, have a daughter Sally, 4 years another child on the way. After getting his degree in Neuro Physics he changed careers .He is in a start-up business. They have temporarily moved back to Richmond because of COVID but will be moving after she finishes her PhD in Psychology next month and after the baby is born.

Married my high school sweetheart in 1972. Worked as an RN for 30 years. Returned to graduate school for an MSW and became a LCSW in private practice in Richmond for many years
I have 3 wonderful grandchildren ,that keep me very busy babysitting . My days are spent painting, knitting, going to the gym, cooking, swimming, and visiting old friends for lunch.
I am officially a bionic woman now! Since moving into a retirement community 4 years ago I have had several joints replaced which has really slowed me down. But I had an awesome time at the 50th, seeing so many old friends.
We recently went to Lake Placid to cheer my youngest on in an .What an exciting time that was! I’m turning 72 in September but my mind says I’m still 27!!!!!

School Story:

Born September 26, 1949 . Moved from Arlington, VA in the 4 th grade. Graduated from Crestwood Elementary the first graduating class for that school. 8th grade was a difficult transition from elementary school, in a big new school with all the upper classmen .Luckily I had my big sister Lane to help me out. Lost a very close friend in the 9th grade Dickie Dietch in a motorcycle accident . Saw "Psycho" with Pat McInteer and was so frightened, I grabbed his thigh and dug my nails in causing him to yell out in the theater. I think I double-dated with Jimmy Brazell that night. I was so sorry to hear of Pat's death...very sad . High school was a lot of fun, pledging was not. Loved my CACT sisters(ask me what it stood for, I'll tell you now!) Had a lot of friends and laughs . Tried out and got into the Drama Club but had too much stage anxiety to ever be in a play until I hit my 60's! Hated Algebra I with Mr Longwood because Stan Deaner "frogged" my arm every day( still carry the indentation in my arm).So many funny dates with Allen Huffman and Al Smith...kept me in tears, laughing so much at their sense of humor. Graduated from Johnston-Willis School of Nursing is ‘72 and married Ken the next day. Worked 30 years as a nurse in almost every capacity. Went to graduate school and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice many years. Retired at 65 and now spend my time with grandchildren, painting, drawing and knitting, and meeting up with old friends. Life is good. Still married 50 years in June to my high school sweetheart Ken. Life is good.

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Happy Birthday Blair . Hope you have an AWESOME day celebrating.

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Happy, Happy Birthday Chip!! Hope you have an awesome day!

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Hope you have an awesome birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday Blair. Hope your day is awesome all day long!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY. hope you have an awesome day celebrating!

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Getting ready for Kenny's 50th reunion next weekend. Once again I can't wait to see all the familiar faces. I am often struck by how so many falcons still live in Richmond.

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Happy Happy Birthday Katie. Hope you're having an awesome day all day long!!

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