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04/25/16 11:09 AM #87    

Grace Bourne (Barnes)

What a great tribute to a great man! Loved the article Bruce. My husband and I have been to a lot of the productions you have been involved with or even written and enjoyed all of them. You have a great talent and thanks for sharing it all these years. Good luck with your new endeavors!

07/07/18 06:40 PM #88    


Juanita Walton (Billings)

RE:  Missing Classmates

Sad to say that Rick Walker, my cousin, is resident in an assisted living facility in the Richmond area. 

07/28/18 01:39 AM #89    


Kathryn Braswell (Hochman)

I came across this in my Google pictures just now and thought that some of the girls might remember receiving corsages that came from Snelson's in Westover, and enjoy seeing the box once again. BElmont!

07/28/18 06:16 PM #90    


Jim Miller

So sorry to announce that I cannot make our 50th.  I have served on our Organizing/Planning Committee and have had a blast working with classmates.  Bill and Frank have been amazing with planning, finances, etc as have so many others.  This reunion is going to be a wonderful experience and the committee has been passionately tracking down all of you as well as making/re-making decorations. 

In the real world, I am a physician (still in Richmond) specializing in Family Practice and Sports Medicine.  I am one of the National Team Physicians for USA Swimming as well as working internationally with all 6 of the aquatic sports at events such as World Championships and Olympic Games.  At this moment,  I am in Orlando, FLA working as Medical Director for the Masters PanAmerican Championships, as well as swimming 5 events in the championships, which is where I will be until August 7.  The Open Water races (up to 3K) will be held at Datona Beach on the Sunday of our Celebration so I cannot make the quick trip home and back to be with you that I had hoped.

Have a fabulous time and I will be missing all of you.

Jim Miller, MD FAAFP/Sports Medicine 

07/29/18 03:51 PM #91    


Nancy Ladd (Lueckel)

Sorry that you cannot make it to our 50th.  Sounds as though you are very busy - hopefully doing exactly what you love to do.  Best of luck to you always!  ~Nancy (Ladd) Lueckel~

07/30/18 09:35 AM #92    

Art MacCord

Jim, I am sorry you are not going to make, too.  You always were an acheiver, I am glad to see that has not diminished a bit.  Good luck to the team!

07/30/18 10:33 AM #93    


David Hudson

Planning Committee,

I have done my best to be able to attend the reunion next month but my health has not cooperated and I will not be able to attend.  I am sorry this is the case but it is what it is.  I wish all a good time and hope that the reunion will be as much fun as 45 was.  The matter is just beyond my control.  Best wishes to all.


David Hudson



07/30/18 02:18 PM #94    

Brenda Levy

Sorry you can't attend, but your health has to come first.  Best of luck to you.

08/02/18 07:30 AM #95    


Kathryn Braswell (Hochman)

If any of you coming to the 50th reunion had Lou Herrmann as a piano teacher, please seek me out. I'd enjoy talking with anyone who knew this wonderful woman and gifted teacher. When I took lessons in the early 1960s she lived in Stratford Hills, then on Sylvan Rd. in Westover. 

08/02/18 07:01 PM #96    


Sandy Edens

Bill, I just read your very moving email and Diane and i sit in awe.  In awe of you and Pam, in awe of our classmates who have conquered and in awe of those who have succumbed to the struggles and challenges you talked about. You were so much more eloquent than I but I must agree that high school for me was a spectacular time.  I would like to meet face to face those whom I hurt however.  I, like you, would say "I am sorry" and with 50 years of maturity I pray I could rise above those teenage temptations.  <br>
I am sorry I won;t be at the reunion!  Very sorry!  I am not one of those that was glad to walk away and never look back.  I loved Huguenot and all our friends and all our Saturday nights at Southside Plaza because we couldn't drive in the city.  I loved debate team with you!  I loved football on Friday nights and hearing about who climbed the water tower that weekend.  It is interesting that the reunion is a Willow Oaks.  I often tell the story of trying out for the golf team at Willow Oaks and shanking my drive off the first tee causing the coaches and other expectant golfers to run for the hills.  I could name names of the many friends and the times we had; Irvin, Irving, Koechlein, Lissenden, Butterworth, Vardel, Griffin, Geisinger, Andrewsm Edmonds, Young  and on and on, to name a few.  And our church youth group, "The Holy Rollers" who engaged in TP'ing many homes on Sunday evenings.  I would love to see you all.  What great times there were.<br>
And now you, my friend, have hopefully overcome the harshest enemy a person can have and I must say you have done it with the class you always had.  I will never forget our first debate, St. Gurtrudes....Sturdy Gurty's.  I wish you well and God speed in your recovery.  Your thoughtfulness and kindness toward me in 2011 when my folks passed away will never be forgotten.  You, my friend, are a class act!<br>
Best to you, to our class of 1968, and to all the folks at the reunion, Sandy

08/02/18 08:14 PM #97    


Gerald Eberhard



I am sorry you ar facing so may health battles.

My prayers are with you and Pam.

08/03/18 08:59 AM #98    

Wayne Coleman

Thanks for all that you do, Bill.  Our prayers are with you.

08/03/18 12:07 PM #99    


Britt Mayo

To Bill, and to the class at large,

While I always appreciate your "funny but in a twisted way" view of life, Bill, I can't imagine how anyone wasn't touched by your note yesterday.  First because of its exquisite combination of openness and wisdom.  And second because I suspect that by now at least 95% of us have been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly, and there are few sweeter sounds than the crisp peal of that bell.  Your dedication of the three rings was, I think, perfect.  

I had hoped to be able to get back for reunion.  Our class seemed exceptional to me at the time, and in hindsight I think it was much better than that.  I am so very grateful for the many classmates who were (and continue to be) friends, confidants, and formative influences on my life.  The fact that my life has turned out as well as it has is largely due to many of you.  Unfortunately, my new shoulder, which is now six weeks old, is not agreeing to the idea of long-distance travel, so I'll have to enjoy the 50th vicariously.  

Thank you for all you have done to make this site work, Bill.  And please try to find a choir where you can take advantage of your 4-8 months as a coloratura.  

Fond wishes to all this weekend,


08/06/18 08:27 AM #100    


Cricket Geisinger (White)

Thank you Connie Stevenson (Gottwald) for hosting Sunday"s brunch. I was out of state working and flew home Saturday night. I missed seeing many of you but enjoyed the time on Sunday. Many thanks to the organizing committee who deserve a weekend vacation together to recover!!!

08/06/18 09:22 PM #101    


Irving Brittle (Brittle Jr)

Really enjoyed seeing you Cricket.  You looked Great !!!!!  And Thanks for introducing yourself.

08/07/18 10:38 AM #102    


Cricket Geisinger (White)

It was great to see you too!  I wish I could have been at Saturday night's shingdid but was still flying back to Richmond from LaGrange Georgia. after doing some community building work.  If I had been there on Saturday, I would have had a name tag, but with my eyesight, I would still want name tags to have our names in letters 3 inches high!

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your survey.  I am most intersted in what folks are doing and have been for the last 50 years, and how it all ties to their values, goals, etc.  I'll send you my survey probably end of next week as Ralph has some eye surgery this week.

Take care of yourself Sonny! 


08/07/18 10:59 AM #103    


Carol Wright (Benton)

Many thanks to the reunion committee for organizing the weekend's activities. I think I speak for all of us 'out-of-towners' when I say that your work and dedication over the years is most appreciated.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  (So sorry I missed seeing Cricket at the brunch!!) Special thanks to Bill Irvin for the enduring gift that is this website.  

08/08/18 03:22 PM #104    

Art MacCord

I add my thanks to the committee for their great work, to Bill for his inspiration and dedication on the website, and to all my classmates for being who they are!  It was a treat seeing old friends this weekend.

08/19/18 04:25 PM #105    


Irving Brittle (Brittle Jr)

Savoring the Magic Moments at the HHS 50th Reunion

Hmmmmm? Where should I begin? Our reunion, just two weeks old, is a recent memory "still" in our minds "rear View Mirror."

I had a feeling my "Request for Information" ( I was passing out an envelope, two pages . . . some classmates got one, others did not) as to our "what and whereagouts" for the past 50 years. It was a long shot, Apparently turned out it was -no returns (the proverbial lead balloon). Initially, I was going to stamp the return envelopes; glad I didn't as it saved a lot of money. Thank You Lord !

I was very grateful someone had the foresight to put pictures on the name tags. Other than a handful (literally) of classmates, I couldn't have recognized 80% of 'you guys-n gals.' Always exceptions: Brenda Levi, Benny Harris, the Smith Brothers, Blair Hall, Connie Gottwald, and Brenda Sledd who looked absolutely 'marvelous.' Few knew or recognized me, and those that did told me ,'my beard' was a great disguise - seemed to work well.

What has Sonny Brittle done for the past 50 years? I always (always) tried to laugh and have lots of fun. Flew airplanes (my first love). Wanted to be 'career military (can you see me as General S. Brittle) - nope, didn't happen. Over the span of my first 21 years, I had way too many kidney stones (ouch !!! they really do hurt). It was enough to kill my military career, as well as my aviator ambitions.

I was 'Blessed' in meeting a very smart, family oriented, beautiful lady -Sue - who seems ageless. Both of us had (have) successful careers. I, in sales and Sue, a Genius computer brain, manages and keeps books and financial's for an ever growing, national commercial real estate company -Commonwealth Commercial Properties.

Sue made a very 'astute' observation of the classmates who danced the 'final slow dance.' All the ladies and gentlemen were 'lightly' holding one another as we glided across the dance floor. BUT, all were waving, smiling, talking with each other (couple-to couple), and to those who were sitting at the tables. 50 years ago at our final HHS dances, the young couples seemed to be 'glued to one another,' eyes closed, living in each other's mind enjoying the moment with our 'honey's'. Well not anymore (PS - way to go Frank and Kay).

Ah yes; my daughter Ashton and grandson, Ryder Luke, both have given me a new purpose in life, and in return, unconditional love. I live in Florida two - to three weeks each month. Did you know Florida is Hot as Hell in the summer?/!

Finally, my two books: St. Paul the Apostle, "The Right Man at the Right Time (second
edition), and It's Not Rocket Science, The Theology of St. Paul" (first edition). Revised the first book, and am in the throes of rewriting the second (maybe re-released in early 2019.) "The Right Man . . . won some kind of award in the 'world of publishing.' Guess what??? St. Paul's theology is very close to rocket science, but in a different sense and definitely on a different plane. Appreciate all who purchased the book; if not, buy a copy (, Classmates get a healthy discount rate from "me" if in the area (I will mail with a very small postage fee). Barnes and Noble carries the softbound book at the Chesterfield Mall in "the local authors" section. 

That my dear classmates is it in a nutshell. Enjoyed being with and mingling with all. Like to say I'll be at the next reunion, and if still alive, good chance I will not attend. SB 68'

08/19/18 05:27 PM #106    


Irving Brittle (Brittle Jr)

Savoring the Moments@HHS 50th Reunion

Hmmmmmm? Where should I begin? Our reunion is a recent memory 'still" in our mind's review mirror. I had a feeling my "Request for Information" (I passed our an envelope, two pages; some clssmates got one, some did not) as to our 'what and whereabouts' for the past 50 years.was a long shot apparently, no return letters to date - a proverbial lead balloon. 

Initially, I was very grateful our name tags included a picture.  Other than a handful (literally) of classmates, I wouldn't have recognized 80% of you 'guys-n gals.'  Always exceptions: Brenda Levi, Benny Harris, the Smith Bros, Blair Hall, Connie Gottwald, and Brenda Sledd ( and Brenda you looked marvelous), and a few others.  Few knew or recogized me, and those that did said 'my beard' was a 'good natural disguise'apparently that worked well.

What has Sonny done for the past 50 years?  I always (always) tried to have fun and laugh alot.  Flew airplanes for a while (my first love); wanted to go career military ( can you imagine a General S Brittle?).  Well, nope! - none of it happened as I was blessed with multiple kidney stones in my first 21 years; it kept me from the military, and I lost my medical for my pilot's license - God had other plans. 

I was blessed in meeting a beautiful, smart, family oriented lady who seems ageless. Both I, and Sue have had successful careers.  Me in sales and Sue a computer guru managing the books and financial records for an ever growing national commercial real estate and property management company based in Richmond - Commonwealth Commercial Properties.

Sue made an astute observation of the classmates who danced the final 'slow dance.'  All the ladies and gent's were holding one another twirling across the  dance floor, BUT we were waving, smiling, talking with each other (couple to couple), and to those seated in surrounding tables.  50 years ago at a final HHS dance, the young couples seemed 'glued to one another, eyes closed, enjoying the moment(s) with our 'then honey's'.(P.S.Congratulations Frank and Kay).

Ah yes, my daughter Ashton, and grandson Ryder Luke, both have given me a new purpose in life, and in return, unconditional love.  I live in Florida 2 -to 3 weeks each month in FL.  Do you know the summers' in Florida are Hot as Hell ?/!

Finally, my two books: St. Paul the Apostle - The Right Man at the Right Time (second revised edition available now).  The other, It's Not Rocket Science : The Theology of St. Paul is going through a second revision and will be out in early 2019.  The Right Man . . won some kind of editors award in the 'world of book publishing.  Guess What????? St. Paul's theology is very close to rocket science, but in a different sense and definitely on a different plane.

Appreciate all who have purchased the book(s), and they can be found on Amazon and  Also the Barnes and Noble at Chesterfield Mall carries the book in the 'New Author Section.'

That, my dear classmates is my past 50 years in a nutshell.  Don't send me your letters and information; do it youself!!!  Enjoyed being with and mingling with all.  Like to say I'll be at the next reunion, and if I'm still alive, good chance, I will not make it.  Sonny B. '68     





10/05/19 03:16 PM #107    


Tommy Moore

Today I added a bunch of sweet pics of Tommy Daniels to his profile. (R.I.P. 2001)

Tommy Moore

(My "blue hair" pic from my 70th BD in 2018, washed it out that night)

11/10/20 10:57 AM #108    


Tommy Moore

Geezer is as geezer does!


11/10/20 11:13 AM #109    


Tommy Moore

Retirement business card:


03/21/21 09:11 PM #110    


Kathryn Braswell (Hochman)

I'm not sure where else to post information about a classmate listed in Missing Classmates who, I discovered by Googling, has died.  Kathy Hanna (Kathryn Hanna Honan) died in 2016. I suspect there are others of the 68 missing, and if I come across any I will post here unless told otherwise.


03/21/21 09:17 PM #111    


Kathryn Braswell (Hochman)

Re: Missing Classmates, Smith Hendricks died in 2011.


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