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Huguenot High School
Class Of 1968

After Happily Ever After opened May 5th at The Players Theatre, NYC to a full house. Audience reactions were 100% positive - including invited Broadway producers! Check out my profile for pictures. Roger Griffin

Hi everybody!

I'm in NYC to begin rehearsals for my new musical. I'll be posting updates of my adventure on Facebook for all to see. Friend me if you want to come along for the ride. Cheers! Roger

For those of you that were lucky enough to have met George Andrews (my best bud), I just wanted to let you know that on 2/26/21 he had a heart attack and passed away. He was an amateur photographer and those that went to the reunions have seen some of his work (spoiler alert we do not look like we are 16 anymore). George had a daily program of taking a walk in a wooded park area near his home, taking pictures of blossoming flowers, trees, his daughter’s dog and all the neighbors’ pets that had fun in this park. He helped other neighbors that surrounded this area build bridges over creeks and benches to sit on to make the park more human and pet friendly. The surrounding neighborhood was also the area he gained fame by catching and releasing all the snakes that he was asked to catch from his neighbor’s yards. Only George could come up with a homemade Snake Snagger 2000 and have fun with a non-funded relocation program. He was doing what he liked - building a bridge with others when he crossed over a much bigger bridge to a much bigger park. I only wish I had been there that day to yell at him and convince him it was to early to go, too many people loved him and needed him around, too many pets needed their picture taken, too many snakes needed relocation and who was going to take the pictures at the 55 year reunion ( I think the last one may have worked against my plan).
>> Later in the year when the weather gets better, his daughter Kelly will have a celebration of his life in that wooded park that he loved.
>> For me it is a major loss. One that will be hard to get over. Actually, I do not think I want to get over it. I want to feel that he is always around. We would not talk for months but when we did it was like it was yesteryear and we were rolling down 147 feeling like teenagers again. I will miss him and his humor very much, but I do know that heaven will very soon be missing some snakes.
Goodbye George.

They aren't as good as they should be, but I added a bunch of pics from our tour of yesterday. I couldn't figure out how to post them in a different gallery so they're under "Pictures from 45th Reunion" in my folder.


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