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Huguenot High School
Class Of 1968

We welcome Rick Bayles to the website, and yes Rick, there will be a 55th reunion! Already we wre getting suggestions about a venue. Frontrunner for now is Oscar's at Brandermill Woods Retirement Community, since many of us could just ride our motorized scooters from our rooms, or take the shuttle from Brandermill Woods Nursing and Memory Care across the street. A close second, and even more ghoulish, suggestion has been the beautiful lawn at Greenwood Memorial Gardens because, well, you know.

We think there would be interest in a simple "meet and greet" sometime this summer, maybe late July or early August, like we did on Friday evening of Reunion Weekend. Stay tuned!


From Juanity Walton Billings:

My cousin, and fellow '68 graduate, Ricky Walker, passed last evening. Ricky has been enduring dementia for the past several years. I do not have specific details at the moment, other than he is to be cremated and his ashes entrusted to his two daughters, both of whom live in California (I believe). There will be a memorial service for him but details are not finalized.

It was really wonderful to see and visit with so many at the 50th reunion. The event got here in a hurry, but it took at lifetime to get here.

Bill's message was the last thing I read late Thursday evening before heading out early Friday morning trekking north from Florida. I believe Bill captured the essence of where many come to at some point in life. I can remember the way we dressed, acted, and things we talked about at the four previous reunions where I attended, the ten, twenty, twenty-five, and forty-fifth. Over the years our sharing of fond memories and increasingly warmer relationships became more important after a range of life events helped us opened up to one another with growing confidence and vulnerability.

Somewhere along the way we drew closer like a band of survivors who have weathered whatever had been thrown at us during a lifetime. No one gets through life without being touched by both good, and not so good life altering events. In both extremes it sometimes seems like more to one person than to another. That is, at least from what we can only see on the surface. But along the way life teaches us to look deeper and listen closer. So we recently gathered again on the occasion of fifty years passing since graduating from high school and celebrated the good and sought to encourage one another anew, to remember old times together, and ready ourselves to face the future knowing we have already come this far.

I am deeply grateful for so many kindnesses that I experienced both Saturday evening and at Sunday brunch. I had a hard time falling asleep both nights thinking over our conversations, and then remembering them again all day Monday on my return trip from Richmond.

Having to leave town back in the summer of '67 was not easy. But it has had its benefits. Had I not have attended my senior year at a new school I would have missed the most significant event of my life. My future wife's family also transferred that same summer from Birmingham, AL and once I was with Shirley, I left like I only then began living instead of existing. Everything became new and better and I will remain grateful for all my remaining days. One other benefit is that I have two Class of '68's to compare and contrast. The one in Florida hasn't done anything in years. The Huguenot class is amazingly resilient and supportive of one another. I am grateful to participate with the class I wanted to graduate with.

And for that so much credit goes to the members of the reunion planning committee. Thank you for this special event and all of the other times you brought us together before.

Hope to see you again in five years, unless by good fortune I see you sooner.

Rob ( Robbie ) Richardson

Hi everyone sorry I missed the 50th reuniion.
As Bill said it’s hard to go out in public when pain is such a part of your life. I have just finished 10 days of spine radiation for spine cancer. Logically it is hard to be in group.
I am sorry so many from our class have experienced cancer. This is my 6th Cancer since 2004. No two are treated the same and guarantee pain is included

Bill I can only imagine and am praying a speedy recovery for you

I know God is able to see us through. Just hold on and pray for His strength
I pray all have a great time today at the brunch. Very sweet to host Fuchs a crowd. Under better circumstances I would have loved to attended

Looks like God has another place and time to see some of you. Having moved away several times hard to Connected.
Enjoy the weekend and your good health. Becky Moss Dean. 352 263-4002

Bill, I just read your very moving email and Diane and i sit in awe. In awe of you and Pam, in awe of our classmates who have conquered and in awe of those who have succumbed to the struggles and challenges you talked about. You were so much more eloquent than I but I must agree that high school for me was a spectacular time. I would like to meet face to face those whom I hurt however. I, like you, would say "I am sorry" and with 50 years of maturity I pray I could rise above those teenage temptations.

I am sorry I won;t be at the reunion! Very sorry! I am not one of those that was glad to walk away and never look back. I loved Huguenot and all our friends and all our Saturday nights at Southside Plaza because we couldn't drive in the city. I loved debate team with you! I loved football on Friday nights and hearing about who climbed the water tower that weekend. It is interesting that the reunion is a Willow Oaks. I often tell the story of trying out for the golf team at Willow Oaks and shanking my drive off the first tee causing the coaches and other expectant golfers to run for the hills. I could name names of the many friends and the times we had; Irvin, Irving, Koechlein, Lissenden, Butterworth, Vardel, Griffin, Geisinger, Andrewsm Edmonds, Young and on and on, to name a few. And our church youth group, "The Holy Rollers" who engaged in TP'ing many homes on Sunday evenings. I would love to see you all. What great times there were.

And now you, my friend, have hopefully overcome the harshest enemy a person can have and I must say you have done it with the class you always had. I will never forget our first debate, St. Gurtrudes....Sturdy Gurty's. I wish you well and God speed in your recovery. Your thoughtfulness and kindness toward me in 2011 when my folks passed away will never be forgotten. You, my friend, are a class act!

Best to you, to our class of 1968, and to all the folks at the reunion, Sandy

Jim...thanks for the update. Your Falcon classmates will be rooting for you in the Masters PanAmerican Swim Championships. Great to hear you are competing at the international level in five events in your late-60s. An inspiration to us all. Thanks, too, for your service as medical director with the PanAmerican championships and service with the Olympics. We'll keep our fingers crossed that all goes well on August 7. Look forward to an update. Best regards, Ron

The cinematic version of a story/s out of Nanci Kincaid’s “Pretending the Bed Is a Raft” is now in rotation on HBO titled “My Life without Me.”

They aren't as good as they should be, but I added a bunch of pics from our tour of yesterday. I couldn't figure out how to post them in a different gallery so they're under "Pictures from 45th Reunion" in my folder.


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