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How is Covid-19 affecting us?

Created on: 04/12/20 11:45 PM Views: 366 Replies: 1
How is Covid-19 affecting us?
Posted Sunday, April 12, 2020 11:45 PM

Since all of us are in the "high risk" group when it comes to Covid-19, I thought it would be good for us to check in to see how we're doing during the pandemic.  


I'll start.  We are in Houston, which is being touted as one of the next hot spots.  My wife and I have laid very low AND had good luck, so we are both doing well thus far.  


I hope we defy the odds and are all dodging the virus.


RE: How is Covid-19 affecting us?
Posted Monday, April 20, 2020 01:54 PM

 Actually, there's not a lot of difference between being "retired" and day-to-day life during the virus.  Already had plenty of time to stay at home and read the papers, and work on the computer and do yardwork.  Just have to wear a mask now when going out to the grocery store for weekly trips.  Most everything else has been coming to the house from Amazon and other on-line stores for quite some time, so not much change there.  Do greatly miss visiting with family and friends . . . and being close, and hugs. (My father still lives in his Bon Air house and is going to turn 95 this week, but can't visit in-person with the virus threat, so guess we'll do Zoom again as a family and visit that way.)  Also miss taking regular hikes in nearby Shenandoah National Park because of its closure, and looks like I won't be heading to Europe this summer to hike various trails in the Austrian, Italian and Swiss Alps. Have already paid for a Rick Steves fourteen-day, five-country trip to the Alps, with $1,800 in paid airline reservations, but looks like that has now gone by the wayside for this year.  At least now there's lots of time to work on Shutterfly albums from past trips.  The saving grace is having our daughter and grandson, 2, living only a couple of hours away in Maryland, so FaceTime visits and actual visits are frequent and continue to be the highlight of our lives.  So much fun having grandchildren (our first, after 45 years of marriage) and watching all the changes in our grandson from day to day.  Remember to cover up, wash hands and stay safe.  Best wishes, Ron